New SEO proposal accepted by our client Homes Direct 365 in the UK


Our New Client HD365

After working with Homes Direct 365 in the UK for a number of years now we have built up a solid relationship and reputation with them. We were approached by them recently with plans to head into Europe which before they had not really thought about due to shipping and warehousing issues.

Having now resolved those issues and formulated a plan to be able to actively compete in Europe they wanted a new proposal from us based on what we can do to promote them in Europe, the search engine ranking and general sales and revenue generation for the shabby chic furniture & french furniture range that they are famous for.

Our plans is a multi point strategy tackling a range of different verticals, email marketing, social media marketing, YouTube/video marketing, local maps ranking, Google organic ranking and Google ad-words.


    Email Marketing :  We will acquire lists from country specific niche related contacts and produce weekly email bursts
    Social Media Marketing:  We will advertise on Facebook and other paid social media platforms with area/language/country specific audiences as our target
    YouTube Video Marketing:  We will produce video content to showcase the products they offer in a range of languages or universally understandable visuals to target each country
    Local Maps Ranking:  We will use the buildings they are renting for storage as address to advertise in Google My Business Local pages so that they rank in local map packs
    Google Organic Ranking:  Our plan is to adjust their onsite SEO with Google translate type software to make the site more accessible to other languages aswell as build advertisements                                               for them linking back to the site from various countries most popular websites much similar to the previous strategy in the UK.
    Google Ad-words:  We will adjust the Google ad-words budget, keywords and visibility to cater for the new countries search engines and judge the conversion and click through rate                                        accordingly to get the best value for money in the various countries.

Overall this is going be quite a comprehensive approach and a lot of the processes involved in each of these verticals are inhouse secrets as in we dont want to help our competitors learn how best to do things!

If you would like to get your own bespoke package to tackle a certain market then get in touch with our team via email at [email protected] and if you want to check out some of our clients products then please do so and mention our name at