Next level website conversion tips

A conversion rate for an e-commerce website would mean the percentage of visitors that turned into buyers. In case of a nonprofit, a conversion rate would mean the percentage of visitors that turned into donors or followers. You could have the most brilliant SEO strategy in place and it could get you a great deal of visitors; however, that is all it would do. In order to convert those visitors into donors there are a few extra pointers you will have to keep in mind as a nonprofit:

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Information and transparency is indispensable. The more you inform your visitor about your activities and causes supported, the more confidence you gain. While your site needs to adhere to the rules of SEO, make sure that it also informs the reader and is free from ambiguity. This would serve a dual purpose: first, your visitors would know exactly what you do and how their money is going to be used; and second, it would help strengthen their trust in you as a nonprofit.

  • Make it obvious. Always place your call to action on the most prominent portion of the page. Most users, even though keenly interested, would turn away if they have to struggle to find the donate button or the procedure is too cumbersome. Therefore, concentrate on keeping the entire process extremely simple and the forms short and crisp.
  • Focus on your strengths. In the online world, you have only a few seconds to make an impact. Make sure only the most relevant information is given upfront that helps showcase the endeavors of your nonprofit clearly. This not only gives you credibility, but also makes you memorable. Highlighting a good dose of the actual achievements of your nonprofit would be prudent.
  • Simplicity is a must. Make sure your site is easily navigable; the content is simple and comprehensible by the layman as well. Ensure a catchy page layout, but also see to it the page load time is minimal. Take care of any glitches as well and keep it cross-browser compatible.

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